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Tennessee health insurance is our specialty. We can offer you low cost health insurance plans, including guaranteed issue plans with no medical declines, as well as plans with full maternity coverage.

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YES - WE DO HAVE CHILD ONLY HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS - Use this link: Tennessee Health Insurance for Children

tennessee family health insuranceIndividual, Family and Child-Only Tennessee Health Insurance Plans

We can offer you a wide variety of health insurance plans from many different insurance companies. This means that we can give you the most benefits for the least amount of money without worrying about what plan we sell. Our job is to do the shopping for you, compare plans and costs and give you the best possible options.

Child only health insurance is not a problem. If your group plan at work costs a small fortune when you try to put on your spouse or child, let us know. It is usually a lot cheaper to insure them separately.

Tennessee maternity expensesTennessee Maternity Insurance Coverage

Getting maternity coverage on a Tennessee health insurance plan is very difficult to do. There are very few plans that will offer any type of maternity coverage. Many only offer partial coverage or have waiting period of a year or more.

We can cover you even if you are already pregnant!

We have plans that will cover all maternity expenses with only a 90 day waiting period. Plus, we have supplemental plans that are relatively inexpensive that will pay a large portion of your maternity costs and can be used with your current health insurance or by themselves without any other coverage (no waiting period). Use this link to read more about our Tennessee Maternity Insurance coverage.

Tennessee Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance - No Medical Declines

When you apply for health insurance, the insurance company reviews your health history and decides whether or not to issue the policy. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for health insurance will get it.

If you have been declined due to a health issue, a prior medical condition or not meeting the height/weight requirements, please let us know. We do have plans that ask no medical questions and you might qualify for. To find out more information, use this Tennessee Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance link. This is real health insurance and not a discount plan.

tennessee hsa plansTennessee Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

The government will help you pay for your health insurance. You do not have to be self-employed and you do not have to itemize to get these tax savings. In certain instances, the tax savings can equal the cost of the health insurance. If you are looking for affordable health insurance, this could be the answer. Click this link for Tennessee Health Savings Accounts

Tennessee Temporary Health Insurance

If you need health insurance on a short term basis, you can obtain a plan online in just a few minutes. You can select from one month to one year and cancel it anytime you want. Learn more about temporary health insurance for Tennessee residents by clicking this Temporary Health Insurance link.

Tennessee dental insuranceTennessee Dental Insurance

In all my years in the insurance business, I have never found a "great" dental plan. However, we do have plans that will help you lower your dental bills and a few others that will actually help pay for your dental expenses.

Take a few minutes and visit our Tennessee Dental Insurance page to learn about what is available.

Tennessee Health Insurance Facts You Should Know

1. The rates for each plan are approved by the Department of Insurance. So, John Smith in Nashville will offer you the same plan for the same premium as Mary Jones in Memphis. You can "shop around" until you are blue in the face, and have every screwball in the country calling you because you filled out a dozen forms on the Internet. Do yourself a favor and give me a call. I will find you the lowest cost plan that will actually pay your claims. Then, you will only have to deal with one screwball.

2. Do not buy a plan that has limits on number of doctor visits or per illness limitations (unless you have medical issues and are forced into buying a limited benefit plan). This is very important - Make sure the plan does not use a schedule for reimbursing your expenses.

In other words, try to avoid any plan that tells you how much they will pay per day if you are hospitalized. It will never be enough. Generally, the plans that offer a fixed daily reimbursement are a for individuals who have medical problems and cannot get a traditional major medical plan.

3. Do not buy from an agent that represents only one health insurance company. You can avoid most, if not all of the substandard companies and scams by making sure your agent represents and gives you quotes from multiple companies (not multiple plans from the same company).

4. Be wary of discount cards that promise low cost doctor visits and reduced hospital bills. These are not insurance plans. If you think a family of four can get a legitimate Tennessee health insurance plan for $100, you are either delusional or on drugs (or both).

5. If you have a medical condition that requires a prescription, regular medical care or have been told that you will require surgery in the future, there is an excellent chance it will not be covered. No, there are no laws that will force them to cover it. I don't care what your neighbor, friend or brother-in-law told you. Call me, and if it is possible, I will help you get coverage.

6. If you are already pregnant you cannot get health insurance, your husband cannot get health insurance and your children cannot get health insurance. I know its nuts but those are the rules. Get health insurance before you are pregnant. I do have a limited benefit plan that will cover you after you are pregnant so call me for details.

7. If you have a PPO plan you are entitled to the discounted PPO rate for services. A doctor visit might still only cost $50 instead of $100, and a lab fee $15 instead of $80. Learn how to take advantage of PPO discounts your plan offers, it will save you a fortune. Ask me and I will explain it to you. The PPO discount is your most powerful weapon against high medical bills.

8. High deductible Tennessee health insurance plans are often the best value. There is no point in spending $2,000 a year more in premiums for $500 less in deductible. You don't have group insurance anymore so stop asking for $250 or $500 deductibles. They are usually a waste of money and will cost you a small fortune.

9. Tennessee health insurance is not guaranteed. You can be denied coverage based on your medical history. Sometimes, I can get you covered by another carrier or a special limited benefit plan. The point is, I need to know your complete history. Do not waste your time or mine by trying to hide something. Falsifying an insurance form is generally a felony in most states. Plus, they will find out anyway.

10. Children can get their own health insurance plan. Often, putting a child on a group health insurance plan is very expensive. It is usually cheaper to have them get their own health insurance. The same hold true for a spouse.

Insurance from a "quick-quote" site or from the guy who insures your truck, is not the way to buy Tennessee health insurance. In most instances I will save you money and help you find and understand the best plan for your needs.

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