Tennessee Maternity Insurance

Tennessee maternity insurance is a label we use for our web sites. So, before I begin, let me give you a few important facts.

  There is really no such thing as maternity insurance or maternity plans. Not in Tennessee or anywhere else.
  You can get health insurance with a maternity rider that will cover all of your maternity expenses. The waiting period is 6 months from the date the plan goes into effect.
  We have medical supplements that are very inexpensive that will cover a large portion of your maternity expenses.
  If you are already pregnant, we have a special plan that will cover some of your expenses. However, you must already have health insurance and have had it for the last 12 months.

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We can cover you even if you are already pregnant - Look at Plan 2

Tennessee Health Insurance Plans with a Maternity Rider (Plan 1)

Most major medical health insurance plans will cover complications to pregnancy even if you do not have any additional maternity coverage. This is important to remember. If you have not had a prior c-section, your regular health insurance might pay for the hospital expenses for a pregnancy that requires a c-section.

But the question we hear most is "Can I get a health insurance plan that covers maternity"?

The answer is yes, you can purchase a major medical health insurance plan with a maternity rider. There are very few companies that offer this option, but it is available.

Here are some guidelines:

1. You must not be pregnant when applying for health insurance.

2. If your last child was a C-section, you cannot get a maternity insurance rider (but you can but you can purchase a supplement to help cover expenses)..

3. From the time the plan goes into effect, you must wait 6 months before you can become pregnant. Otherwise, it will not cover the pregnancy.

4. Tennessee maternity insurance riders must be taken when you take the health insurance plan. You cannot add them on later or drop them and add them once again.

5. Tennessee maternity insurance riders can be expensive and have their own separate deductible and coinsurance requirements. Generally, they add about $200 a month to the cost of the plan.

Generally, we find that the most cost effective method of covering a pregnancy is to purchase a plan with a high deductible for the non-maternity expenses and a maternity rider for everything else. You can even add a low cost supplement to take care of the maternity deductible.

Using A Supplement to Help Cover Maternity Expenses (Plan 2)

Using a supplemental health plan to help cover maternity expenses is usually the smartest and cheapest way to cover your maternity expenses.

You can use the supplement by itself or obtain a plan with a maternity rider and use it to pay the expenses prior to the deductible. If you use it alone, you do not have to get rid of your current health insurance.

Keep in mind that these are not maternity plans. They do not care if you are having a baby or getting your tonsils out. It is all the same to them.

An example of a typical rider payout is as follows:

For hospital confinement it pays $2,000 per day. They do not care why you are confined. It could be to have a baby or to have your appendix out. It does not matter.
It will pay the same amount for the baby. If you are in the hospital for three days and have the baby for two. You would get $6,000 plus an additional $4,000 for the baby.
The surgical benefit pays out $2,000.
For office visits the plan pays out $100 a visit for up to six visits. I know you will go to the doctor more than six times, however, this plan will only cover six of those visits.
It will also pay $125 for an imaging test or blood work, up to three times per year

Before you judge the worth of this plan do the addition. For a normal pregnancy you may get back $12,000 or more.

You can obtain this plan even if you are already pregnant. You must have had 12 months of prior coverage. Call me for details.

Low Cost Supplements

We also have some very low cost supplements (starting at about $50 a month) that can help considerably with maternity costs.

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